Are Heated Concrete Driveways Worth It?

C. Osbone Seal Coating & Paving Are Heated Concrete Driveways Worth It?


With the summer season wrapping up, it’s time to look ahead. The most home cringe worthy thought most home owners think of, shoveling the driveway, is what comes to mind. With the increasing advancements in technology, heated driveways have quickly gained investments for many home owners as they serve to be quick, efficient, and easy.

The question now translates over to the cost-to-benefit aspect of this investment. With the performance of the heated concrete driveways being obvious, many homeowners may be hesitant in the purchasing process due to the expensive price of the heated concrete driveway.

The question to ask however shouldn’t be the price and the price only. The question and understanding should be surrounded by the long-term vs. short-term benefits that a heated concrete driveway provides in contrast to the regular concrete driveway. With the heated driveway, the home owner is investing in a long-term beneficial driveway with respect to maintenance, quality, and comfort. This helps in saving money in the long-run with respect to damages that the snow may cause during severe winter storms.

How does it work?

The overall concept of the heated concrete driveway is very simple and straightforward. The main task for this function is to prevent snow from piling up and turning into ice in the long-run. This is accomplished by having warm pavement all around, warm enough to melt the snow as soon as it falls onto the surface. This can be done using electric currents that generate electricity to the driveway creating heat.


Heated concrete driveways not only serve as a substitution to your labor work of shoveling the snow, but act as a warm pavement to melt the snow as soon as it falls on the surface, thus not allowing cracks and ice blocks to form on the driveway saving it from any damage that comes from salting and shoveling.

The biggest takeaway is the safety behind this investment. No matter how much of a “shoveling expert” you are, there is no denying in a heated driveway’s performance. It makes for a clear and safe path for your entrance and exit to your home.

Although it may be costly, heated concrete driveways undoubtedly create a sense of ease and definite safety in your life. With a one-time investment as such, you as a homeowner are saving money in the long-run from reoccurring repair and maintenance costs on your regular concrete driveway. The choice is yours.





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