Benefits of Using Ferrocement As a Sampan Or Boat Building Material

C. Osbone Seal Coating & Paving Benefits of Using Ferrocement As a Sampan Or Boat Building Material


Adapting proper techniques and guidelines, the following benefits can be materialized with ferrocement as sampan or boat building materials.


  1. Cost effectiveness – almost in all developed or developing countries the cost of ferrocement is much cheaper compared to wooden sampan or boats. This is because wood always has better price when used to make furniture compared to boats.
  2. Less environmental problem – in developed or developing countries cutting down trees for making furniture or boats is not as easy process. There are many environmental guidelines to be followed. However, with ferrocement, this is not an issue at all.
  3. Ease of making – ferrocement boats is very easy to make without having to use any heavy machineries. Most of the work for making the boats can be made using ordinary building tools.
  4. Raw material – The raw material needed for making ferrocement is also easily available in most of the developed or developing countries. On the other hand, the wood is not easy to obtain. This is because not all type of wood can be used to make boats; therefore finding a particular type of wood is not easy.
  5. Less skilled labor – compared to woodworking labors, the ferrocement cement boat maker are far less skilled. Anyone can learn the tricks immediately and apply it. Woodworking labors are needed to be highly skilled, which also will result in much higher labor cost.
  6. Better durability – the durability of ferrocement is same as any concrete material. It does not corrode, spall, or rot, provided it is done properly. These particular properties can be achieved with wood based boats. In most cases, the ferrocement boat does not require any major maintenance.
  7. Strength – there are no other materials that can perform like ferrocement when it comes to its strength. Since ferrocement is a form of concrete, its strength will definitely developed over time, and this means the structural integrity of the sampan or boats also increases with the age. This is impossible with boats made of wood.
  8. Ease of maintenance – any structure will require some maintenance over time due to wear and tear, and ferrocement sampan or boats are not exception. The ferrocement boats may suffer some damages due to collision or impacts while in service; therefore requiring some maintenance and this can be done easily without using any special technique or equipments. The affected area can be repaired with new mix of ferrocement using the same technique used to build the boat at the first place.





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