Building Steps With Concrete Pavers


Many people know the advantages of building patios, walkways, and driveways with concrete pavers. But these same people probably don’t know that pavers can also be used to build steps and stoops, offering these projects the same advantages. Here is a brief guide for building your next paver stoop.

First, in terms of design, you can pick nearly any kind of paver you want to face your stoop. This allows you to match colors, designs, and patterns with any other projects you may have around the area, such as a walkway or patio. However, certain paver sizes and dimensions may not be available to you due to the requirements of building steps. For instance, the steps must be safe to walk on, so the pavers and the stoop will have to be a certain size.

Second, the installation of these pavers is quite different from the normal installation. On a flat surface, aggregate base and sand is the bed. For steps, a concrete foundation of the stoop is installed first. The pavers are then added later as a ‘veneer’ to give the stoop its character. Mortar may be used to have the pavers adhere to the surface. Because this process is a ‘wet’ process, requiring the pouring of concrete and mortar, it is not an easy one for the inexperienced homeowner to try. This is especially important due to the safety issues of steps – it must be done right in order to prevent tripping hazards. Thus, be sure to hire a mason or pavers contractor to get the work done right the first time.

Third, the benefits of pavers for steps make them quite suitable. For instance, they are slip resistant, even when wet, making them great for anyone to walk on. In addition, it is easy to remove snow from these pavers, either with a shovel or with de-icing salts, further preventing slipping hazards.





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