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There are many advantages to concrete paving compared to asphalt paving. First is the color: concrete is brighter, which allows for a cleaner driveway compared to the basic black of asphalt. Concrete is also very durable, which is why most roads are paved with it. Roads paved with concrete will generally last a lot longer and the paving process is also relatively quick, which means less delays in traffic.

Compared to asphalt, which is very flexible concrete is rigid. Asphalt tends to be susceptible to cracks due to the normal shifts in the ground that happen during the year. Concrete tends to be better at resisting changes in the weather and temperature. When paving a driveway with asphalt you will have to lay a base with gravel and stone and then let it settle for a while (unless you have a commercial roller). Concrete only requires a base subcourse between the main layer and the ground, which means less work.

Due to its rigid, stiff nature concrete will distribute the load evenly over an area and any gaps that appear when pouring it can easily be filled. It is also a lot easier to remove stains from concrete and it can be painted in different colors using special paint. You can´t do this with asphalt. Concrete can also handle heavy vehicles better and will keep its smooth surface for far longer.

In the end, concrete has many advantages over asphalt. It offers a great combination of strength and durability and is easier to work with than asphalt.




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