Maintenance With A Concrete Driveway Sealer


A water based concrete driveway sealer may feature emulsive particles that are mixed with water. These particles sink into the porous paver of your driveway and stay there when the water evaporates. A water based driveway sealer is more ideal to use because it is safe and effective, and of course, environmentally acceptable. You can dispose it together with the other garbage in your household and have no fear about toxic leaks or harmful effects to the environment. Just do not forget to let it dry totally before tossing it into the bin.

Your water based driveway sealer can penetrate the surface of your driveway and give it protection. It will shield it against heavy rain, snow, and traffic. It will also protect it against the salts used for de-icing. Do not worry about tire marks or gasoline stains because there would not be any. Your driveway will remain in great shape, thanks to this driveway sealer. In addition, it will prevent your driveway from cracking and fading. So, even if you use your driveway often, it will not wear easily.

You can rest assured that your driveway will stay in good condition for as long as ten years if you use water based concrete driveway sealer or paver sealing product. This could mean fewer costs for driveway repairs and renovations. However, you should see to it that you use this product according to the instructions of the manufacturer. You should also follow the basic guidelines for using a driveway sealer. For instance, you should not apply it on the surface if the temperature is too low or too high. Doing so may reduce the degree of its effectiveness.

It does not matter if your driveway is made up of concrete or asphalt. A paved driveway is obviously better than a dirt or gravel driveway. So, you should take care of it well if you want it to last for a long time. Be aware that many driveway sealer manufacturers agree that driveways only need to be sealed every three years or so. Hence, you should not re-seal your driveway more often than this; unless if you live in an area where there are extremely harsh weather conditions such as desert regions or your asphalt driveway turns gray.

You should use the right tools for paver sealing or driveway protection. You can use a sprayer or a roller brush, although roller brushes are more suitable. Sprayers are better used for solvent-based sealers. Anyway, you should apply two think coats of water based driveway sealer instead of one thick coat. This would prevent the formation of puddles or peeling. See to it that you allow the first coating to dry completely before you apply the second one. It would also be wise to measure the area that needs to be covered before you purchase the product.

A gallon of concrete driveway sealer is enough to cover two hundred and fifty up to three hundred square feet. More amounts are necessary if you need to cover a bigger area. Do not forget to verify the warranty of the sealant. You should choose one that is warranted for at least five years.





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