Parking Lot Striping – Your Big Welcome Mat

C. Osbone Seal Coating & Paving Parking Lot Striping - Your Big Welcome Mat


Chances are if it’s concrete, asphalt or pavement, it’s going to be painted. Not paint as in Van Gogh or Michelangelo, but rather lines, signs, and arrows. Parking lot striping and painting is an extremely important part of any paving or asphalting process, especially in the case of retail and professional parking lots. A parking area is much like a giant “welcome” mat for a business, often being the first thing potential customers and clients see on their way into the building.

Worn out or messy parking lot striping is all together uninviting, not to mention inefficient. A parking lot without lines or signage is one that is not properly utilized, in most cases. Allowing patrons and clients to park wherever, without designated stalls, can create problems, especially if the parking lot is often busy and inundated with cars. At a minimum, parking lot striping should be tended to whenever the pavement or asphalt below it undergoes maintenance.

Parking lot striping, although simple in nature, is actually quite a complex production. Measurements must be taken in advance, followed by a plan that maximizes the usefulness of a given area. After the plan is conceived, measurements need to be taken again, this time to lay out chalk lines where the paint is to go. Of course, the above method is a bit of an oversimplification, as the actual process can be quite time-consuming if done right. To be blunt, striping is more than likely something best left to the professionals, especially in the case of larger, more involved parking lots and areas.

A professional parking lot striping crew will have all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right. We’re not talking about a couple of 25′ tape measures, a chalk line and a few cans of spray paint. The equipment used today is much more complicated than that, producing much better results. With that being said, it is important for those looking for a striping contractor to be aware of low bids. Those bids coming in well below the rest can oftentimes be DIYers (do it yourselfers), armed with the aforementioned tape measure and spray paint.

Going with an operation such as this, you often get what you pay for: misspelled words, overspray, crooked or incomplete lines, and the overall appearance of an unprofessional job. Knowing this, it is always a great idea to ask for references, as well as examples of previous work, to determine whether the price is worth the work. A little investigating up front can help save a big headache in the end.





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