Post Frame Construction – What Is It?

C. Osbone Seal Coating & Paving Post Frame Construction - What Is It?


Post-frame construction is an engineered building system using wood frame methods. Post frame is not new and and has been used for decades to build Commercial and Agriculture buildings. Post Structure design incorporates vertical wood posts, spaced at a specific distance, to form the structure. Posts are usually solid wood or laminated wood and are embedded into the ground with concrete or sits on a foundation. Depending on the spacing, the height of the posts can increase your building ceiling up to 3 stories! These posts are then braced with horizontal strapping for lateral strength and the strapping is also used for applying the numerous options for exterior finishing of the building.

Common exterior finishes include metal siding, cement board siding, wood plank siding, vinyl siding and even stucco. Post construction is also very versatile and can be customized to have any exterior look.

With the advancement of technology, engineering, and wood laminate products, post frame building is now being used in residential homes and garages. Imagine not being limited to height and width of your new building like conventional wood stud framing. This is just one of the advantages of post frame construction. Other advantages include:

  • Faster erection times as the wood posts are larger, spaced wider than conventional studs, and combine that with the lateral strength, can withstand larger loads. Therefore, less material is required and less labour is needed.
  • Better insulation value is achieved as the space between posts is larger than regular studs, giving less interruptions for a more even thermal value. Also, the thickness of the posts also allows for more insulation for lowered costs in heating and cooling.
  • Advanced engineering and the use of laminated beams and structural trusses, allows for ‘clear span’ of usable space that is no encumbered with posts or other support systems that are common with traditional framing. The flexibility of spacing the posts allows for a stronger structure as well as a higher ceiling in most cases.
  • The look and feel of a post frame building is not restricted and can be made to look like any other conventional built building.

Post construction is the perfect solution for any low rise building project. In Canada, a majority of Municipalities and Building Departments have now accepted post frame construction into their approved building methods.

This is the new choice in durable building of retail, commercial, industrial, agriculture, residential and garage projects.





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