Save Money With Concrete Resurfacing

C. Osbone Seal Coating & Paving Save Money With Concrete Resurfacing


Most homeowners have some type of concrete in their home. Typically this is either a driveway or patio. Over time, though, you may see some discolorations or cracks in the concrete making it unsightly and diminishing from the appeal of the overall home. Whether you simply want to make the home look better or you have to comply with home owner’s association regulations, there is a need to repair or replace the concrete in the affected area. However, completely redoing can be time consuming and expensive. But with concrete resurfacing you can make the area look better while saving time and money.

There are many contractors who will give you a much lower quote for resurfacing as opposed to replacing the concrete. But, the added advantage is that you do not need to hire a professional in order to get professional quality concrete resurfacing. Instead, you can do it yourself as a weekend project, allowing you to save even more money and not have to go through the hassle of obtaining quotes and choosing a contractor.

There are two choices for resurfacing concrete. You can choose to mix your own from a combination of Portland cement, water and sand or gravel. You can also opt instead for a pre prepared mixtures where you only need to add water. The downside to this, though, is that the pre prepared buckets of resurfacing cement are designed for thin overlays. So, if you have larger holes or gouges in the concrete, this will not work as effectively.

Start off with a clean surface, ensuring all debris is swept from the surface. It is recommended to ensure maximum positive effect to work when the weather is cool with little to no wind. Slightly dampen the area to be resurfaced and apply a thin layer of concrete glue. Then you can smoothly and evenly apply the concrete resurfacing mixture. Ensure that there is no traffic on the area until the concrete has set completely. This will ensure a smooth, flawless finish and it will make your area look like new.

This process will last several years if done properly. In order to replace the concrete entirely you will have to remove the old concrete which is difficult and labor intensive and pour the correct thickness f concrete for your area. The materials, supplies and labor involved can be very costly. However, you can get a long lasting, professional appearance without the expense by using concrete resurfacing.





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